is a fictional Super-Villain from the DC Franchise and one of Batman's main villains and has been in one of Forrests films,he made his debut in The Lego Batman and Superman Movie in which he was introduced as a big jerk toward Lex Luthor. He was also in the "The Dark Knight Rises trailer in LEGO" as of Bane was the main villain in the movie (Released 7/20/12).

Personality Edit

Bane (as many of the others would like) wants Batman dead and has a super-steroid called Venom being pumped into his body. Bane is also quite intelligent, unlike what most would think. He's also kind of a fussy guy, challenging his teamates to fights all the time.

Powers Edit

  • Super Strength (When using Venom)
  • Genius Level Intellect

Appearances Edit


Is shot by batman ( off screen ) in robins birthday

Is accidentally shot by the riddler in batman and superman movie


  • Bane's real name has never been revealed in any Batman related media, except for the 1997 film "Batman & Robin" where he was named as serial killer Antonio Diego.
  • Bane is one of Batman's smartest enemies, although he looks like a brute, Bane is one of the few villains with an intellect matching Batman himself.