Charon is a fictional character in ForrestFireFilms. She is Batman's former girlfriend. She is voiced by Forrest Whaley himself.


Charon started out as Batman's girlfriend, and it is unknown how they met. She is first seen when Batman entered the Batcave with her to show Robin who then got jealous. Robin soon tried to kill her on numerous occasions, causing Batman to refuse to talk to him again. Robin then tried to kill both of them with a landmine but failed and decided to face Batman himself but is killed in a fight (though he's brought back to life). Evantually they broke up with reasons unknown. Charon later appears in a non-canon episode and as sided with Robin against Batman (she looks to be his right hand woman) but gets killed by Batman. She makes a final appearence as a part of the largest gathering of supervillans but is again killed by Batman. She is not seen afterwards and it can be assumed she's not returning in future videos.




Lego Batman - Batman's Girlfriend (Major Appearence)

Lego Batman - Kill Robin (Killed)

Lego Batman - The Villians (Killed)

Deaths InEdit

Lego Batman - Kill Robin - Decapitated by a sword by Batman

Lego Batman - The Villians - Ran over by Batman with the same car used to kill Robin