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(right) Clone 1 (left) is Clone 2

Clone 1 & 2 are to Clonetroopers on the Death Star trying to Get the respect they deserve and are featured in Blobstudios videos e.g Stormtroppers coffee break and ForrestFire101 Voices clone 2. 

Clone 1 Edit

Clone 1 is the dreamer. the one who comes up with the scemes that Clone 2 always goes along with and messes up. He also has a unmistakable gay crush on his boss, Darth Vader . At the end of his appearances, he always calls Clone 2 "Dumbass" as a punch line. He is voiced by both BrickUnit and ForrestFire101.


  • "Now that's the spirit."
  • "Uhhh, that's not important."
  • "Dumbass!"
  • "Dude, dude! What's wrong with you?! Why did you kill him?!"
  • "Blackmailing is when you threaten to show bad information about someone!"
  • "No, we kill him!"
  • "But we got to make it look like an accident."
  • "Dude, how are we going to make it look like an accident?!"
  • "No, he's a Sith, you retard!"

Clone 2 Edit

Clone 2 (otherwise known as Dumbass) is more of the bumbling sidekick. He's the one that always takes the plans out of context and later messes it up. He is the one repeatedly killing Darth Vader. He is voiced by DarthMilo.


  • "I've always wanted my own hot tub."
  • "I was blackmailing him like you said."
  • "Ohh, see, I thought blackmailing was shooting someone in the head."
  • "Oh. (Inhales Sharply) Yikes."
  • "An accident, huh? I think I got just the thing."
  • "Oh yeah."

List of AppearencesEdit