Craig is one of the many characters from the ForrestFire Universe, and one of the few never 
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played by Mason Howerton


Craig is gay, but has trouble admitting it, even though he has a likeing to a guy on gay porn yet admits to liking Angelina Jolie. He instead of admitting he himself is gay, he calls Jake the gay one. Craig is shown to have a cross dressing brother named Greg (who Craig thinks is a woman), a love of Target and X Men comics, and believes guys on gay porn are women. He is also, ironically, a homophobic. Craig believes that Forrest, Jake, and Jabu are his friends, even though they aren't. On Halloween, he dressed up as Wonder Woman, but he insists that he dressed up like Superman, and his ex-girlfriend slipped him a roofie in one of his candies. In the Christmas Special, he killed a puppy and gave it to Forrest as a Christmas gift. In the final episode, he finally admitted he was gay and tried to force his "friends" to have sex with him. In the end, he was admitted to a mental hospital . Even after trying to escape, he ended up getting run over by a truck. Craig is portrayed by Mason (Hoser76)


  • Mason Howerton (Hoser76)