Crag's Final Episode is the final episode in the Craig series. It was released on October 15 2010.


Craig has a nightmare about being gay. He steals his father's gun and credit card, breaks into Forrest's house and confesses he's gay. He then informs Forrest that he intends to kill him, Jake and Jabu. That morning, Jake and Jabu watch the news. Forrest informs them of what Craig told him. But when he is finished, Craig enters with the gun in his hand. He then informs the trio that he bribed the cops to stay away. When Jabu and Forrest escape, Craig shoots Jake in the shoulder and handcuffs him. After a long chase, Craig shoots himself.

2 months after those events, Craig is in a mental institution. When he tries to escape, he crashes into a car. Forrest Whalely confirmed that he died (got squished between an oncoming car and a nearby tree).


Many people think the gun displayed in this video is real. It's not. It's a gun filled with blanks.

In this episode, it is revealed that Craig's full name is Craig Sharpe.

In the commentary, Forrest reveals that he filmed the night house scene in his neighbour's house.