Craig's Party EP. 8 was released on January 8, 2010  

Plot Edit

     Craig is chasing Forrest, when Forrest trips, and Craig suffocates him and kidnaps him. Later Jake and AJ are at Jakes house. AJ goes to the bathroom, and Craig comes out of the shower, suffocates AJ, and kidnaps him. Then he goes in Jakes room, suufocate him, and kidnaps him.

     Later Forrest, Jake, and AJ are butt naked in Craig's basement. Craig wakes them up and says that they cant get their clothes back unlees they promise not to leave.

     10 minutes later, everyone is dressed and Forrest is trying to contemplate whats going on  (which is that Craig kidnap them so they'd party with him). Craig confirms his contemplation, and says they'll start the party, with a dance party. Craig turns on his boombox, and starts dancing. Forrest says it's going to be a long night.

     Later that night, Craig says they'll play a game of hide and seek, and that Aj has to cout because he has an advantage of an ability to hide in dark places (because he's black). AJ speedily counts to 10, and he goes in the kitchen to see Craig on top of the refridgerator. Craig says the game incorperates the frreze tag rules too. AJ then tags him, and Craig calls Forrest to untag him, or he'll be stuck there forever. Forrest just sits on the couch thing 'Wouldn't that be a blessing'

     The Craig announces a spin the bottle game. Jake says that there are no girls. Craig doesn't care. Forrset reiterates that there needs to be at least 2 girls in spin the bottle. Craig still doesn't care. Craig spins the bottle, then distracts Jake and points the bottle to him. Jake refuses to kiss Craig ,so Craig chases him.

     Craig takes everone to his body building room. Craigs tells AJ to spot his an he lifts the bar 3 times, and turns out it was only the bar.

     Later says that they need to settle sleeping arrangments. Craig offer the others to sleep with him, but they decline

     The next day, Jake wakes up in Craigs bed. He then runs out the house and as far away as possible. Craigs says he still has Forrest and AJ.


  • In this video, it is becoming more and more apperent that Craig is racist and has a crush on Jake.

Cast Edit

Actor Charecter


DrunkenMonkey2 Jake
SuperShadow10000 AJ
Hoser76 Craig