Craig EP. 1 is the very first video in the Craig series. It was released on July 8, 2009

Plot Edit

     Forrest and Jake are playing Paper Mario, when Craig comes in and bugs them. He then eat a most likely stale bag of Cheetos and says he wants to show them something, but they try to tell him that they are not his friends, but he still shows thenm his gay porn (which he thinks is straight). When they finally get him to turn it off, he puts his laptop to the side and goes throught their DVD's. When he see's there is nothing he likes he asks them for alcohol. When they say no he goes back to his porn, and they try to kick him out, but Jake just decides to leave. He then find wet tissues and lotion and asks Craig how long he's been there. Craig replys that he's been there for a week, and show them the "best part" of his gay porn and he finally relized that it was gay porn. Then he cums.

Cast Edit

Actor Charecter
ForrestFire101 Forrest
DrunkenMonkey2 Jake
Hoser76 Craig