Doctor Octopus
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Octopus
Real Name Dr. Otto Gunther Octavius, PHD
Alias(es) Doc Ock, Dr. Octavius
Powers and Abilites Genius-Level Intellect, Gifted Inventor, Scientist
Equipment Four Robotic Arms

Various Science Equipment

Alignment Bad
Relationships None Known
Portrayed by ForrestFire101


Doctor Otto Gunther Octavius is a criminal who goes by the name Doctor Octopus, or Doc Ock. His criminal activities often cause him to end up battling Spiderman.

Appearance Edit

The minifigure Forrest uses for Doc Ock is the official LEGO Doc Ock minifigure, except in The Lego Batman and Spider-Man Movie 1, he has short hair instead of a bowl cut.

Fictional Character BiographyEdit

Dr. Octavius had created a set of four mechanical arms that could be controlled by a person's thoughts, but an accident caused them to become fused to him, and Octavious, now insane, became a criminal.

In the Lego Batman, Spider-Man & Chewbacca Movie, Doc Ock terrorizes Gotham, and Batman, Robin, Spiderman, and Chewbacca come to stop him. They fight for thirty minutes (Robin dies in the first minute) and the battle ends with Chewie pointing a gun at Doc Ock. Octopus thinks Chewie won't shoot him, because he doesn't 'have the guts." Unfortunately for him, Chewie had the guts, and killed him.

In Lego Batman - The Sidecar, Doc Ock once again terrorizes Gotham, but Batman and Robin come prepared, with their "gravity defying motorcycle" and sidecar. Once again, Doc Ock is killed.

In Lego Batman - The Villains, Doc Ock teams up with the largest gathering of villains ever, and throws a car at Robin, killing him. Batman, upset that the car dented the Batmobile, murdering Doc Ock with the same car.

In The Lego Batman and Spider-Man Movie 1, Doc Ock comes to Gotham once again. Batman tries to stop him, but is beaten to a pulp. Batman tries again, with no progress. Doc Ock then teams up with The Joker in order to become "Chuck Norris Powerful," but Batman has teamed up with Spider-Man, and they both come to defeat them. Doc Ock is killed by Spider-Man.

Video Apperences Edit


Is shot by chewbacca in batman spiderman and chewbacca the movie

is blown up by batman's bazooka in the sidecar

Is run over by batman with the car he threw in the villans

Is shot in the chest by spiderman in batman and spider man movie 1

Portrayers Edit

  • ForrestFire101
  • McGoiter