Harley Quinn
Vital statistics
Title Harley Quinn
Real Name Dr. Harleen Quinzel
Alias(es) Harley, Dr. Quinzel, Fatty
Powers and Abilites Skilled Acrobat, Some Psychiatric Knowledge
Equipment Revolver, Oversized Mallet
Alignment Bad
Relationships The Joker, (Boyfriend/Fiancé)
Portrayed by ForrestFire101 (First Appearance)

TheFourMonkeys (Mommy Monkey)

Appearance Edit

Regular AppearanceEdit

In her standard look, Harley Quinn wears a black and red jester hat. This pattern continues throughout her outfit with the exception of her white hands. Harley also wears a black domino mask, has white face paint, dark red lips and an evil grin with yellowed teeth. Harley is considered quite ugly by the characters in the series, with her fiancé, The Joker insulting her the most.

After Plastic SurgeryEdit

After giving in to the Joker's demands of plastic surgery, Harley has comically oversized breasts, thin cheekbones and actual nostrils. She wears the same outfit except her shirt is pulled upwards to reveal her bellybutton. It is unknown if Harley will stay this was as she is yet to make any further appearances, however it seems unlikely that she will retain this look.

Latest ApearanceEdit

She appeared in the Suicide Squad in Lego teaser as a custom version of Margot Robbie's portrayal. In the newest Batman brickfilm, she is seen mourning over Joker's death on the news.

About the Character Edit

Harley Quinn is seen as Heath Ledger Joker's Fiance and a villain of Batman. He abuses her much as Batman abuses Robin. Joker often makes her do chores, calls her fat, and says she's ugly. She always cries when Joker insults her, but she always goes back to loving him. It is said she would rather of married Bane. Joker has said that Harley has a penis. At the end of The Lego Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman Movie she gets breast implants, because Joker called her flat-chested.


1.) Lego Batman - Joker Watches "The Hills"

2.) The Lego Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman Movie



Mommy Monkey (thefourmonkeys)


Harley: "Mister J, we have visitors"

Joker: "Shut up, your voice sounds like a dying cow, now go make me a sandwich ya fatty!"

Harley: "I hate you! *sobbing*"

Harley: "My mother was right about you. Your scars are ugly, you stupid emo!"

Harley: "I should have just married Bane. At least he doesn't wear make-up! He's a real man!"

Joker: "Yeah, if only you were a real woman! You should get that penis removed."