Lego Avengers

Lego Avengers

It all starts with the chitari in the new York streets then an arrow comes right into one and hawk eye says BO- Ya then black widow is seen shooting at them and they start talking about Budapest then a shield comes and hits a chitarti then captain america comes up and shoots two of them then Thor comes in and yells from whence it came then hawk eye says Thor make sure to hit their weak points then Thor says every point is a weak point then iron man says guys im bringing the party to you then he seen with a cake and hawk eye says you remembered then when there eating widow asks if he brought the ice cream and iron man gets mad at Jarvis and then he gets zapped and cry's then iron man turns it off and then widow says my mouth is so dry and hawkeye and captain america have a conversation about widows beaver in between er then bruce comes in and iron man says nice bike a%#hole and asks if they know his secret and when they asks he says im always angry and hawkeye says what

After the credits hulk attacks the avengers

Voices Edit

Captian America- KnoxKorner1

Iron Man- Keshen8

Thor- Mason Howerton

Black Widow- Ally Polster

Hawkeye- Forrestfire101

Hulk- Mcgoiter

Jarvis- DirectorToby