Lego Batman - Alfred's Party, originally named Lego Batman - Alfred Has A Party, was released on November 3, 2007

Plot Edit

     Batman and Robin were going out into Gotham to "fight crime" (but they were really going to spend Alfred's life savings), and they hop into their vehicles and decide to go shopping. After they leave, Alfred calls one of his friends and says they're having a party. Then Alfred puts on a wierd cap. All they do is dance and typically trash the Batcave. Alfred does crack. In the midst of partying, Alfred dresses up like Batman, crashes the Batmobile into the villian's holding cell, and sets the villians free, but instead of wreaking havoc in Gotham, they join the party. Then an alarm states that Batman and Robin are coming in, so Alfred makes everyone hide. When Batman and Robin come in, Batman thanks Alfred for taking care of the Batcave, and he's going to go work on the Batmobile. As he is leaving, he trips and notices a lot of people downstairs. He asks Alfred what they're doing there and as Alfred tries to explain, Batman soon knows and realizes he's having a party, and much to Batman's usual, flips out then says he can't have parties without him and Robin. They all end the night/video partying. 

Video Edit

Lego Batman - Alfred Has A Party