Lego Batman - Attack of the Joker
Air date September 6th, 2007
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Lego Batman - Attack of the Joker' is the second episode of ForrestFire101's "Lego Batman" series. It was released on September 6th, 2007


Batman and Robin need to stop The joker before he does his evil plots around Gotham city

Plot Edit

Robin is on the computer looking for villains to fight. Batman questions Robin on current crimes, but their search turns up nothing. Just a few moments later, the Batsignal goes off. Robin, in suprise uses the antiquated phrase "Great Scott, Batman! as The Joker was confirmed to have escaped from Arkham Asylum. Batman then scolds him for using such an antiquated term, but soon forgets this supposed slip of the tounge. Forgeting his cowl, Batman takes the Batwing, and Robin steals the Batmobile, running over Alfred. Eventually, Batman encounters the Joker in his helicopter and engages in a dogfight above Gotham City. After some shots between the both of them, Batman manages to shoot the Joker's helicopter killing his henchman. Robin finally catches up with the Joker, who tries to shoot Robin, although he accidentally uses a gun with a "BANG!" flag, which naturally does nothing to kill the Boy Wonder. Batman lands the Batwing on the Batmobile, and pursues The Joker. Batman calls up Alfred to send him the "Bat-Ski". Shortly afterward, R2-D2  from "Star Wars" arrives, driving the BatSki, accidentally running over both Batman and the Joker. Batman then thanks R2 and hops in. The Joker then makes a last, pathetic attempt at fighting by throwing one of his trade mark playing cards, while also uttering one of the worst puns Batman supposedly had ever heard. Batman then criticises Joker's card thing for "getting old", making Joker flee in defeat. Then Batman activates the BatSki's gatling guns, killing the Joker. Batman the calls Robin, asking him to join him in urinating on the Clown Prince's corpse, however somehow Joker had actually managed to murder Robin and instead relieved himself alone.

Video Edit

Lego Batman - Attack of the Joker