Lego Batman - Batz Attack is a forrestfire film were batz attack and destroy the batcave.Index


In the bat cave batman asks robin to help him opening a box when he asks what in he answers 300 bats because the others died when they open it so many bats fly around and batman says that's f%#king impossible and robin says there still coming out and batman says oh my god there killing Alfred and Alfred tells the bats to get the f%#k off of him and then robin says holly hopscotch then batman says its not safe and to run for there lives

When they finally get out half the bat cave is on fire and robin says just great this is great batman and he asks robin why he didn't tell him 300 was enough and robin says that was way more than 300 batman then remembers that he entered the wrong number

after the credits robin says he came on the keyboard




Alfred (Keshen8)


  • Batman seals the bat cave up
  • This is the first episode where Alfred swears.
  • Robin hair the new torso and hair from the Super Heroes theme.
  • When Robin yells "Holy Hopscotch!", there is blood on his face. When he runs out of the cave, the blood is gone.
  • the video has better mouth animation
  • its possible batman order 300,000 bats
  • this is the last time Alfred is seen
  • if you look very carefully you can see the Robin Mobile
  • in Batman and Santa team up the bat-cave is brand new