Lego Batman - Going Undercover was released on November 13, 2007

Plot Edit

     Batman and Robin are waiting atop a large building, when Robin asks Batman why are they there. Batman says they're waitng for the biggest crime boss in Gotham City history, Rupert Thorn. Robin states that they've been waitng there for hours. Batman says that, "Word on the street is that Rupert Thorne is going to rob the bank (that they were across the street from) at 9:00 p.m." Robin questions why couldn't they have just came at 9:00 p.m. since they've been there since 5:00 p.m... Batman then rambles on about some Bullshit about him knowing the criminal psyche, and that Robin's to dumb to comprehend. Robin still says they should've just came at 9:00 p.m.. 

     2 hours later Batman sees Rupert Thorne coming to the bank. Robin couldn't beleive that Rupert came. Rupert Thorne and his goons shoot a guard outside the Bank. Robin says they should swing down and stop them, but Batman says they'll do somthing a little more elaborate and timetaking.

     At Rupert Thorne's headquarters, Batman and Robin (in costume as John Smith and Bob)interveiwed to become his new gangsters. He lets them in

     2 months later Thorne says their next mission is to take down Two-Face because he is getting on his nerves. Robin and Batman say they can handle it. Then Batman, Robin, and 2 other thugs drive into Two-Face and crash into a building. The Thugs were dead but Batman, Robin, and Two-Face weren't. Batman and Robin go to the other side of the building they crashed in and had a gun battle with Two-Face. When Two-Face runs out of bullets, he attempts tackling Batman but Batman dodges it and shoots Two-Face repeatedly. Then when Rupert Thorne comes out and congradulates then Batman and Robin reveal themselves. Thorne then calls them bastards and thinks hes been played. As he was about to kill the not-so-dynamic duo Batman kills Thorne. When Robin asked why they didn't just kill him at the bank instead of, for 2 months, killing people and being lackeys, but Batman says it was way more awsome