Lego Batman - Human Shield!!! was released May 21, 2008


Batman is just relaxing, when Robin comes in and announced the arrival of Batman's enemies. Batman tells him to chill the fuck out. Later, Batman tries to think up a plan, but the villians come in and say that they have come to take over the Batcave. They start shooting so Batman uses Alfred as a human shield so he and Robin can escape. When they get to the Batmobile, Robin notices its gone. Batman tells him he owed money to the Mafia, so he sold it. They had to use a backup Batmobile that looked old and rusted. Robin said it's a piece of crap, but Batman says it's a beauty. The video ends with a wheel faling off.

Current VideoEdit

Human Sheild!!! on YouTube

Original Video Edit

Original Human Sheild

Lego Batman - The JokersEdit

In Lego Batman - The Jokers. Batman uses Alfred as a human shield again, this time against both Jokers' gunfire.

Human shield in Lego Batman - The Jokers