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Lego Batman - Meeting with the Commissioner was released on November 27, 2009

Plot Edit

Gordon is seen walking near a bench and wonders where batman is and batman is seen on a street lamp and says Good Evening Commissioner and the commissioner says he scared the crap out of him and batman says justice dosent take a Holiday commissioner and Gordon says that dosen't relate to what he just said and batman says it Doset have to im batman and then Gordon asks how he hung himself from that light fixture and batman responds im batman i can do anything then Gordon says no i mean how did you do it you have special bat boots or something and batman says hard work and duct tape and gorodn says really that must of taking you a while and batman says he had alfred ( who is seen on the ground dead ) do it and when gordon asks why he called him here he answers i just wanted to show you how cool i look and Gordon got mad cause it took him 30 minutes to drive there and he says sorry then gordon says ok batman see you around weirdo


This is the first Lego batman short to have Chrystal-clearness

The voice batman uses is the same in New Sidekicks

Is is unknown how Alfred died

Cast Edit

Actor Character
ForrestFire101 Batman
SecretAgentBob Commissioner Gordon

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Lego Batman - Meeting with the Commissioner on YouTube