Lego Batman - Nightwing's Origin originally titled Nightwing Begins was released on August 12, 2008 but was taken off later on.

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     Batman is typing on his computer, when Robin comes in and asks him where the Batcomputer is. Batman then admits he sold it for $25 to use as crack money. Robin then asks Batman for a loan to become a new superhero, but Batman denies his loan request, and Robin decides to leave and call himself Nightwing.

     Robin goes to a cheap sleezy hotel and buys a room that he decides to call his Nightwing Nest.

     Robin goes through a very hard to see montage for his costume change, and officially becomes Nightwing.

     The Commisioner lights the Batsignal, but instead Nightwing arrives, so the Commisioner decides to give Nightwing, Batman's assignment, which is to stop Heath Leadger Joker from wreaking havoc on the streets of Gotham 

     Joker and his goons stop at a path outside of town, and one of his goons asked him if they were going to split the money they just robbed. Then Joker replies "If I gave you some money, then i gave him some money..." he then kills both of his goons and says, "I'll have less money". Nightwing then arrives on the scene. Nightwing and Joker fight, and Nightwing sends Joker flying. As Nightwing states that that was easier than he thought, Joker runs him over. Batman goes to the aid of Nightwing and just as Joker was ready to stab Nightwing, Batman tackels him. After another brawl Nightwing puts an SMG to Jokers face. Batman walks up to Nightwing and says that that isnt the way, the Batman pulls oyt an AK47 and says "This is the way." Nightwing blows Jokes brains out and states the fact that he should've died in The Dark Knight.

     They then show what happened to the characters

  • Nightwing never rejoined with Batman and continued being his own superhero, but without Batman supporting him, he kinda ran out of money. He now lives in a cardboard box somewhere in the hood and has a job as a Wal-Mart greeter, the worst possible job any human could have.
  • Batman returned to his Batcave, drank a slushy, ate an ice-cream bar, took a crap, and went to sleep. He didn't really even care that his sidekick was gone. The only reason he had come to help in Nightwing's fight was to beat the tar out of The Joker. That's just how he gets his jollies
  • Joker's body got eaten by a pack of wild wolves.

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