Lego Batman - The Girlfriend was released on January 12, 2008

Plot Edit

     Robin is on the Batcomputer and is about to look up something innapropriate when Bruce (A.k.A. Batman) comes in and shows Robin his girlfriend, Karen. Karen says Batman talks about Robin all the time. Then Robin says, "Oh. Does he now?" in a jealous-like way.

     Karen is walking downstairs from the Batcomputer when she falls down because of a missing step. She gets up unscathed and Robin (with a drill in his hand and the missing step next to him) says "Damn"

     Next, there was a plug in a pudddle of water that flickering. Then it stops and Karen walks through it unscathed. Robin wonders why it didn't work, so he stepped on it and pressed a button and shocked himself. Then he decides he'll have to use desperate measures. He takes out a buzzsaw and prepares for his kill.

     Karen is sitting on a couch, reading a book when Robin comes out of nowhere with his buzzsaw and starts chasing her. When they leave the Batcave, she kicks him in the testicles, and runs him over. She takes the truck she stole and starts driving backwards through the city. Robin hooks himself to the truck and she drags him through Gotham until the truck falls off a cliff and and smashs, completely wrecking it.

     Batman drives up in the Batmobile and takes Karen and vows to never speak to Robin again. Robin gets crazy and says, "If I can't have Batman, no one can."

     Batman is driving through Gotham when he runs over a landmine that Robin planted and the Batcar explodes. Batman rants for a bit and then says he's going to shoot Robin the next time he sees him very pissed-like. Then Robin comes in with a gun and starts fighting Batman. After a few minutes, Robin drops the gun. Batman picks it up and kills Robin and he and Karen walk off into the sunset. 


  • The blood is modeling clay
  • The smoke is cotton