Lego Batman The Ridiculous CapeEdit


"The plane crashed and killed twelve people."

Lego Batman - The Ridiculous Cape is a LEGO Batman short uploaded on August 2, 2010.


In the bat cave batman is sitting on a chair with a ridiculously long cape when robin comes in and says they need to talk and batman asks what its about and robin answers well you're cape its getting way out of control like how long does it need to be you know? and batman says hes jealous and his capes are puny and robins says well at least my cape dosen't sucked in the bat wings turbine on a regular basis and batman says oh i did that on purpose was to intimidate the criminals and robin says that the plane crashed and killed 12 people and batman says they were filthy vermin,dirty cops and whatnot and robin says those 2 children were dirty cops? batman then walks away and says f%#k you robin with his giant cape dragging