Lego Batman - The Robin was released on April 20, 2008

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     Bruce (A.K.A. Batman) was making his Batblog when Robin comes in and states that he is leaving. Bruce disregards what Robin has said and tells him to clean his bathroom stating that he took a major crap and it got everywhere. Robin says hes serious (about the fact that he's leaving), and Bruce states that it is because he had spicy tacos. Robin says once more that he's leaving, Bruce just says go, so Robin leaves with no hesitation. Then as Robin leaves, Bruce calls him a used bloody Tampon and says he can easily get a new sidekick. His interviews go as follows...

  • Interview 1: Boba Fett - Wasn't hired because his ship, The Slave I gets 3MPG
  • Interview 83: Indiana Jones - Wasn't hired because all he had to offer was Short Round
  • Interveiw 602: Spider-Man - Hired

Bruce then states that they now have to take down Robin.

     Meanwhile Robin goes to the villian hideout and The Joker to join their supervillian team and he has secret bomb plans belonging to Batman. Joker lets him in, and Robin's only request is to be called The Robin and he wants to wear black.

     2 weeks later Batman is standing at the top of a building when Spidey comes in and suggests that they quit searching for Robin, but Batman states that the only reason they are searching for Robin is because he stole some bomb plans from him and he might blow up Gotman city. out of nowhere they hear ticking, and Batman scream. "Oh no, they've activated the bomb". Spidey says that was obvious and states that saying it loadly was useless, but Batman says that all great heroes say obvious things loudly.

     At the villian hideout The Robin starts showboating about the bomb being about to kill people. Then Batman tosses his Batarang at the controls and turns off the bomb. The Batman tells The Robin that he has gone out of control, so he shot him. Spidey says he is a monster. Spidey wrangles the rest of the villians, and goes into and all-out-brawl with Robin (in which Spidey got shot several time). In the end, The Robin got K.O.ed, and Batman reveals that he wasn't dead (turns out the shot was just a flesh wound).

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