Lego Batman - The Scarecrow was released on July 27, 2009

Plot Edit

     Robin is just typing on the computer when Batman comes in tells him about the Scarecrow, who Robin thinks is cool, until he hears his power. Batman tells Robin to go with him to take down the Scarecrow, but Robin doesn't want to. When Batman says he can stay, Robin decides to go in fear of being eaten by a monster that lives in the Batcave.

     Batman and Robin hopped into the Batmobile and drove into the city. The Scarecrow had just robbed a bank. When Batman and Robin got there, Batman tried to take Scarecrow in. Scarecrow sicks his goons on him and Robin. Batman killed on goon by throwing his batarang, and Robin killed the other byshooting a rocket launcher. When Batman tries once again to arrest him, Scarecrow sprays Robin with fear gass, bringing out his worst fear (naked women trying to have sex with him). Batman decided to ditch Robin, but he left his cape behind.

     The next day in the Batcave, Batman is talking with Alfred, saying how good his life is going to be without Robin. Alfred asks Batman if he's ever going to save Robin, but Batman says no. Then Scarecrow sends a threatening web chat that if Batman doesn't unmask himself by midnight, Robin will be dropped in a pit of lava. Batman honestly shows that he doesn't care, but Scarecrow shows Batman that he also has cape. Batman rushes to its rescue. Alfred sits there wondering hoew every villian gets the Batcave's private number.

     Batman rams through the wall with his Batmbile and the Scarecrow wonders how he found the hideout. Batman points out the sign outside. Robin cries that his hair is burning and Batman says, "Now if you don't give me back my stuff Scarecrow, I'm gonna beat the living heck out of you". Scarecrow tackles Batman and they roll around the room. Batman calmly asks for his "stuff" when Scarecrow says he has to choose between his cape and Robin. Scarecrow presses the button that starts lowering Robin and Batman's cape into the lava, so Batman pushes Scarecrow into the lava, and cuts the lines with his Batarang, saftley keeping his cape and Robin from falling in the lava. When Robin says, "Thanks for saving me. I think today you learned that people are more important than things". Batman points out that he aimed for his cape and it was only a freak accident that it cut Robin's line too. Batman then says, "I really wish you had died."

Cast Edit

Actor Charecter
ForrestFire101 Batman, & Robin
DrunkenMunkey2 The Scarecrow
Keshen8 Alfred

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