Lego Batman - The Villians was released on October 25, 2008.

Plot Edit

     Batman and Robin are having a heated descussion about fighting moves, and just as Batman was telling Robin what an inverted horseshoe kick is. Alfred tells them that the mayor has urgent news to tell them. Robin takes the phone, and turns out the biggest meeting of villians is going down. Batman hops in the Batcar, and Robin takes his car. While on the way, Batman gets stuck in traffic, and then decides to launch his Bat-Missile due to his impatience. When they finally get to the gathering, they see the revived villains, in order

     Batman tells Robin not to screw this up and at that point, Doc Ock threw a car at Robin and killed him, and Batman says, "Oh my god. You just dented my car. It's on now" Batman ran over all the villians with the car that Doc Ock threw at Robin. After exclaiming how easy that was he got frozen by Mr. Freeze.


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