Lego b@s
 The Lego Batman & Santa Team-Up was released on December 24, 2012. It was included in the 2nd Annual Forrestfire Christmas Spectacular.


Batman is in the Batcave on his computer when Robin comes in and tells him that hobos have moved into the Batcave. Batman states "The homeless? Bless their souls, feed them..." but is cut off by the computer telling him there is an incoming message from Santa Claus. Santa asks Batman for help, at which point they both start reminiscing about their days in the Vietnam war. Santa tells him that Mr. Freeze has captured Mrs. Claus and he needs help getting her back. Robin asks if he can come too, which Batman and Santa begin questioning him with experiance in the Vietnam war and eventually Batman says, "Then no, you can't come.".

6 days later Batman arrives at Santa's house in a new, heavily armoured suit and says he built it so as to be able to fight in an arctic climate, when Santa reveals that Mr. Freeze is actually in Gotham. Batman is very angry and complains he is far too hot. Santa uses guerilla tactics and sends Prancer with a piece of dynamite to get into Mr. Freeze's base. Two thugs shoot and kill Prancer but the dynamite destroys the doors and kills the thugs. Batman and Santa go into Mr Freeze's base and defeat the rest of the thugs after which Batman once again complains of being far to hot but Santa continues to ignore him. They go into a room with Mrs Claus in it.  Mr. Freeze arrives and Mrs Claus reveals he is actually her and Santa's son but she gave him up for adoption after seeing the way Santa treats his elves. As Mrs. Claus wishes the audience a merry Christmas, Batman faints in the background.

In the Batcave, Bruce Wayne stores the new bat suit with the rest, glad that he no longer has to wear it. Robin runs in and reports that thousands of more hobos have moved in after he fed the original ones. Batman is horrified that Robin fed them and says that earlier he was going to say to feed them to the bats. The video ends with hundreds of hobos being eaten by tons of bats.


Batman/Robin/Santa - Forrest Whaley

Mr Frezze/Computer - Sean Willets

Mrs Claus - Alycia Brennan

Leader thug - Keshen8

Boston thug - Mason Howerton

Announcer - Brock Baker

Additional thugs - Jake Blandina/stephen brennan


When Santa and Batman start the fight they say a line from The Dark Knight Rises.

Santa breaks a thugs back like Bane did to batman in the comics and TDKR Movie.

Robin mentions other super hero citys like Metropolis.

Batman uses a new 2012 Batman cowl and jet pack wings, the Galaxy Patrol man armour, an Agents suit and Ninjago swords in the fight.