Lego Captain America is a video that aired on Youtube on Feb 1, 2012


Against the ThugsEdit

Captain America breaks into the room that seems to have a gang beating up someone so Captain A. brings up a big fight with the thugs by Killing them with Guns and Knifes and it ends up with Captain America winning until an explosen comes up.

Against the GeneralEdit

After the explosen it knocked Captain A. to the wall and soon the General and his army came in to fight him and soon, even thought the army kept trying to shoot him with thier guns, they still lost because Captain America dodged the bullets with his shield and then he ended up chopping off the Generals Head.

Against the SoldiersEdit

Soon the Soldiers came right in and then Captain A. jumped on top of the shelf and shot most of the soldiers with his gun then he jumped down to punch the rest of them and kill them and soon he got in a fight with a fierce soldier and then ripped his arms off and also his head.

Against the HelicopterEdit

Soon a Helicopter arrived and broke the windows on the building trying to shoot Captain America, then he jumped out of the window and chopped a piece of the Gun the man was holding in the helicopter and it ended with the helicopter Exploded


  • The Captain America minifigure was a one bought from ebay [1]


Forrest put on his youtube page that his next captin america will have nazi zombies