Lego Indiana Jones - The DNA Results, originally called Lego Indiana Jones - The Untitled Escapade is a Forrestfire short released on Februray 1, 2011.


Indiana Jones is ready the paper when mutt Williams comes in and says if he ask him a question and Indy says you just did dumb%#s wait why the f%#k are you wearing my hat? mutt then says that someones having a party across the street and invited everyone in the city and asks to go then Indy then says have you lotted all you're temples for today? and he says yes and shows him his stuff two pieces of something, a dead rat and snake, and a lump of coal which makes Indy say mutt go to you're room which makes mutt say he hates him and Cry and runaway then Marion comes in and says that mutt inst his son and his real father was a monkey and says you have absolutely no blood or legal connection to him which makes Indy happy and calls short round and tells them there leaving and short round says well its about f%#king time and Indy tells Marion good luck raising that abomination ( mutt ) and after they drive away Marion grabs a gun and shoots mutt in the head


  • According to Forrest Whaley, he is bitter with "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" which is probably how he got the idea for this video
  • This is the second Indiana Jones video where Indy is seen without his hat and the first appearance of Marion
  • It is finally revealed that mutt isn't Indy's son but he was the son of a monkey
  • This is the second time mutt runs away crying flailing his arms the first time was The Lego Batman Indiana Jones Movie 2
  • This is also the first time a short legged mini figure says a swear
  • Indy has a new car unlike the one he used with mutt in The Ultimate Lego Race
  • This is the fourth time mutt dies