"Lego Shorts" is a playlist of short 1 minute to 30 second short films created by Forrest Whaley.

Extremely Slow Bullets Edit

Release Date Edit

April 23, 2010

Plot Edit

2 men are in a room. They pull out their gun at the same time and start shooting; there is a delay until the bullets kill them.

Opposite Day Edit

Release Date Edit

April 29, 2010

Plot Edit

A man drives along in the city, when he is pulled over by a cop on Opposite Day. The man confronts the cop and tells the cop that if it's Opposite Day, the cop is the drunk driver and uses his car to drive the cop to jail.

Immensely Slow BulletsEdit

Release DateEdit

June 18 2010


Same as Extremely Slow Bullets, but longer and different. Same characters.