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Mutt Williams

Mutt Williams is a fictional Character from the Indiana Jones series and in some of the Forrest Fire Films videos.

Real Name Edit

Henry Walton Jones III


He is a very clumsy kid, and has a mistakable gay crush on Robin. He is a compulsive complainer. He is also the son of Dr. Henry Walton "Indiana" Jones Jr. Ph.D. Mutt is terribly dumb as well because he cannot tell the difference between Dick Grayson and Tim Drake (because he still has a crush on Robin in The Lego Batman and Indiana Jones movie 3). In The DNA results is is revealed that he is not Indys son and his father was a monkey


  • ForrestFire101
  • Hoser76


Is impaled by a spear in mutt Williams

Is sprayed by the joker and gets stabbed by his own knife ( said by batman he Stabbed himself with his knife )

Crashes into a fedora shop in the ultimate Lego race

Is shot in the head by marion in the dna results