Timothy Jackson 'Tim' Drake-Wayne, AKA Robin is a fictional character from the Batman comic books. He has also made appearances in some Brickfilms by Forrest Whaley (ForrestFire101)

Real NameEdit

Timothy Jackson 'Tim' Drake-Wayne


Tim Drake acted and sounded very similar to the previous Robin. However, for some reason he is treated as if he is even worse than the previous Robin and is often described as giving Batman constant headaches. Robin is also quite whiny and easily scared. Robin is also gay, a fact that earns him the ire of Batman. 



Tim Drake used the same red Robin torso as Dick Grayson used, however Tim did not have green arms and legs, instead using black arms, legs and a shortened black cape. He used the same smiling head with the green domino mask and re-used the first Robin's wavy haircut.

Out of CostumeEdit

In his civilian identity, Tim wore a dark grey jacket, a red undershirt and jeans. He retained his regular haircut and used a generic smiling head with eyebrows (The same as Peter Parker uses).


"He only feeds me old waffles! And they're not the good kind either!"

"I can take anything you give me!"

"No you, no you don't, Ro- ,er, Batman! I like punch and kick and attack, and i always take out my villains way faster than you take out yours."

"Well, i guess we should be going, then. If i'm not back by 9, Batman gives me a spanking."

"Hey, Batman! Uhm, i don't know why you're making me wear your costume, but it's very itchy!"

"Alfred, get the bandages! I'm bleeding all over!"

"Does Batman have to name every thing after bats? Like, the Bat-toilet! Is that even necessary?"




Lego Batman - Robin's Birthday (Major Appearence)

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Deaths InEdit

Lego Batman - The Villians - Had a car thrown at him by Doctor Octopus

The Lego Batman & Spider-Man Movie 2 - Had to wear Batman's costume as a distraction, and is shot by several villians

Lego Batman - Nightwing's Return - Tripped and fell on his own machete


  • He goes to sleep around 8 pm, which explains why he rarely goes crime fighting with Batman.
  • He's allergic to peanuts.
  • Batman thinks that he never wants to have a good time.
  • He's very good at fighting, as shown in "Robins Babysitter" and "The Scarecrow".
  • He's a Fan of Hannah Montana.
  • He lives in a Doghouse.