Santa appeared in the lego Batman Christmas special "Lego Batman - Death the halls" in which after repeatly telling Joker he wouldnt give him a death machine for Christmas,the Joker started stabbing him nonstop until all that was left of him was his guts.

He also appeared in he second annual of Christmas special where he needed Batman's help to save Mrs Claus from Mr Freeze.  Once they got past the goons, Batman kicked down the door to find Santa's wife there. When Mr Freeze then came in Santa was to beat him up, but his wife stopped him and explained that there his parents. She tells him that she gave Mr Freeze up for adoption forty years ago because she didn't feel like it was safe to have a child raised in a workshop due to the fact that she had seen what how her husband treats his elves. Santa doesn't believe her saying that she saw her getting in Mr Freeze's van, Mr Freeze explains that he was picking her up and that the both of them spend days together, he also apologizes for not telling him this and calls him "father". This makes Santa cry and hug his son.

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