Vital statistics
Title Superman
Real Name Kal-El
Alias(es) Clark Kent, The Man of Tomorrow, the Man of Steel, The Last Son of Krypton
Powers and Abilites Solar Battery, Super Strength, Super Speed, Flying, Super Breath, Heat Vision, X-Ray Vision, Telescope Vision, High Intellect
Equipment As Superman, Suit

As Clark Kent, Suit, Glasses

Alignment Good
Relationships Lois Lane (Girlfriend/Wife)

Martha Kent (Adoptive Mother)

Jonathan Kent (Adoptive Father, Deceased)

Jor-El (Father, Deceased)

Lara Lor-Van (Mother, Deceassed)

Portrayed by ForrestFire101
Superman is a fictional character from the DC Universe and from a few Forrest Fire Films videos 


Superman was born under the name Kal-El on the planet Krypton to parents Jor-El and Lara. He was sent away as a baby by his parents just as the planet Krypton was destroyed. Later, he landed in Smallville, Kansas where he was found by farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent, who adopted him and named him Clark Kent. Eventually, Clark's powers gradually manifested and as he reached adulthood, Clark left Smallville for the giant city of Metropolis, eventually becoming both the mild-mannered reporter of the Daily Planet, and earths protecter, Superman. As his career has went on for years, naturally Superman has built up a rouges gallery of supervillains such as Lex Luthor, General Zod, Doomsday, Brainiac and the Apokoliptian dictator/god Darkseid.


Original MinifigureEdit

Superman has had a number of minifigures in the ForrestFire101 Lego films. The original minifigure was made before Superman's official Lego appearances. Thus, his minifigure was custom made. He had a blue suit with an innacurate logo and a yellow inaccurate belt. He also had his trademark red trunks and cape. His face had a cleft jaw, cheekbones and a smirk. He originally had brown eyebrows but later they were colored black. In his earliest appearances Superman had the standard short black hair which was later changed to Mutt Williams' hairstyle in black. 

As Clark KentEdit

As Clark Kent, Superman uses Harry Potter's head with the standard black hairpiece and a grey striped suit.

Current MinifigureEdit

Now, as Superman has been officially released as a minifigure, he now looks like his Super Heroes comic suit with red trunks and cape, the blue suit with the belt and logo and his unique hairpiece.

List of AppearancesEdit


is turned into a skeleton in the lego batman and superman movie

crashes into the movie theater showing twilight in the ultimate Lego race

Is shot in the head with a kryptonite bullet by batman in the Lego batman spider-man and superman movie

Explodes from being to close to kryponite in Lego Justice legaue

Quotes Edit

"Welcome, Batman!"

"We have super powers, remember?"

"Oh yeah? Well your head looks like a dick!"

"If you try to leave we'll kill you!"

"That's were wolves you idiot!"

"Oh god! My only weakness! Well, that and hookers, but still. Oh god!"

"Hello, my good chums! Long time, no X-Ray vision."

"Oh, Kryptonite again!? How much of that stuff is still around?! I mean, every boss battle I've ever had, some asshole has Kryptonite. A big chunk of it. And it's ridiculous because it's supposed to be extremely rare. How much of that damn planet floated over here? Isn't that supposed to be light years away?"

"Well chums, that sure was good food. Now, off to the toilet! Oops! I accidentally hit the ceiling. No matter!"

"Being safe is one of my favorite things to do. Well, that and beating the shit out of hookers."

Portrayers Edit


  • He's younger than Spider-Man.
  • He hates hookers.
  • He likes doing super secret hand shake time
  • In some videos he uses his laser vison instead of his other powers