Lego Batman & Indiana Jones Movie 1 was released on June 22, 2008

Plot Edit

     Bruce (or Batman) was laying on the the floor of the Batcave, passed out after a massive party, and a crack overdose, when Robin comes in and asks him if he has been smoking crack. He admits to the party then throws up (and in his puke he see his car keys). Then repo men take the Batcomputer and the head says that they are taking the Batcave because Batman is in heavy debt. Robin states that Bruce was a millionare, but Bruce admits that he spent his fortune on crack. Robin then says his signature catchphrase " Dammit Batman, you and your crack habits".

     Batman and Robin are sitting on a street corner when batman tells Robin to stop mopeing, and that they still have their dignity,even though they're living on the street, but Robin states that they don't have dignity by letting him know that they are sitting in hoboe pee. Batman then gets the idea to call Indiana Jones, they can go get a priceless idol, sell it to a museum, and they split the money 50/50. Robin says thats the worst idea ever, but Batman says it's the omly idea they've got.

     Batman asks Indy if he's in and he says hell yeah

     Batman and Indy hop into a car, almost get sticed by a tree cutting car, and pass alot of villians. They get out of the car and go into a hidden temple. As they are about to step in the room with the idol, they see a man with a handgun. Batman takes out his batarang and Indy takes out a revolver. Batman tosses the Batarang and Indy shoot him, killing the man guarding the idol. As Indy and Batman approach the idol, Indy suggests that he be the one that removes the idol. 23 minutes later he is still barly touching the idol while Batman sits back drinking coffee. Then Batman finally asks him to just do it because it is painful to just watch him just stand there. Indy snags the idol, an they ditch. A giant boulder rolls toward them at a fast pace, then another, then a third. Luckily they escape. They take the Batwing back to the Batcave to meet Robin and Mutt. Robin is so optimistic about getting the Batcave back when Batman breaks his balls and tells him the idols only worth $1.50. Robin asked why they would risk their lives to get it and Batman said it looked sweet and they can put it next to the giant penny. Robin is about to say a bad word, but the movie ends in mid word.