The Penguin is a fictional villian in the Batman series and a character in the ForrestFireFilms.

Real NameEdit

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot


The Penguin first escaped Arkham Asylum with Joker, Mr. Freeze and Two-Face and became a part of the Fearsome Foursome Two along with them. When Mr. Freeze planed to freeze the earth, Penguin supported this idea while Joker denied it wanting to laugh gas it. As Two-Face was about to make his decision Spider-Man and Batman attacked killing Two-Face and recapturing Penguin, Joker and Mr. Freeze. Later Penguin escaped again and went to his hideout with his Penguins but is again captured by Batman when he gets a Batarang to the thigh. After the Old Robin left Batman, he along with Riddler, Joker, Mr. Freeze, Bane and Two-Face escaped Arkham again and ambushed New Robin's party attempting to kill Robin and Batman but they are all killed in return. Penguin made one last appearence when he and all the villians escape because the security guard spilled his coffee on the control panels. Though they are captured by Superman, they escape and are later killed by Batman. It is assumed that Penguin will not return in future videos.


Lego Batman - The Spider-Man Team Up! (Major Appearence/Captured)

Lego Batman - The Penguin (Major Appearence/Captured)

Lego Batman - Robin's Birthday (Killed)

The Lego Batman & Superman Movie (Killed)

Deaths InEdit

Lego Batman - Robin's Birthday - Shot by Batman

The Lego Batman & Superman Movie - Blown up by Batman with a bomb