The Riddler
Vital statistics
Title The Riddler
Real Name Edward 'Eddie' Nashton
Alias(es) Edward E. Nigma, Edward E. Nygma
Powers and Abilites Genius-Level Intellect
Equipment Question Mark Cane
Alignment Bad
Relationships Nobody Known
Portrayed by ForrestFire101
Paul Hollingsworth (Currently)
The Riddler is a fictional character in the DC Universe and in many Lego Batman videos

Real Name Edit

Edward Nashton

Personality Edit

The Riddler tells riddles which Batman almost always gets wrong (apparently took decades working on a joke that Batman suprisingly figured out within seconds, silence).


Lego Batman - The Riddler (Major Appearence/Killed)

Lego Batman - Robin's Birthday (Killed)

Lego Batman - The Villains (Killed)

The Lego Batman & Superman Movie (Captured/Killed)

The Lego Batman & Spider-Man Movie 2 (Mentioned Only)

Lego Batman - Riddler Returns (Major Appearence/Captured)

Lego Batman - Nightwing's Return (Killed)

Third christmas spectacular (major appearance/killed )

List of DeathsEdit

Lego Batman - The Riddler - Bataranged in the head by Batman, which aruptured his appendix, then run over by a car

Lego Batman - Robin's Birthday - Shot by Batman

Lego Batman - The Villians - Run down by Batman with the same car used to kill Robin

The Lego Batman & Superman Movie - Bataranged in the face by Batman

Lego Batman - Nightwing's Return - Killed by Nightwing (Death not seen)

3rd xmas spectacular - is murdered by Santa claus


  • Many of Riddler's riddles are reused from the 1960s Batman television series.
  • Alfred refers to him as the puzzle guy
  • In Riddler Returns batman said he ran out of riddles when he and robin arrived at the applesauce factory and there were words that said Im at the Gotham Bank

Portrayers Edit